Climate Action

Since our 2021 Sustainability Report, we have been busy collecting the data we need to measure our carbon footprint as it stands.

We are now in the process of analysing the data - this is the first step in developing our carbon management and reduction strategy. To achieve meaningful carbon reduction as a business, we needed to know where we're at - what base level we are working from. Now we have that information, we'll set our targets and develop a reduction road map.

  • what causes climate change
  • its impact globally and regionally
  • its impact on the fashion industry and the fashion industry's contribution to it
  • how our business and personal behaviour impacts it
  • how to reduce our impact

The journey ahead will be a challenging one, but one we are excited about. The key to reducing our carbon footprint significantly is education and empowerment, building knowledge and empowering the entire business to act.