Online Annual Report

Hallenstein Glasson Holdings Limited is a retailer of menswear and womenswear, listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange.

The company operates in excess of 110 stores, with 25 stores in Australia.

Hallenstein Glasson Holdings Limited was formed in 1985 on the merger of Hallensteins - an iconic menswear retailer first established in 1873, and Glassons – a fast fashion retailer founded in the early 1900’s.

Hallenstein Glasson is recognised as New Zealand’s leading specialty retailer, and is now making an entry into the Australian market with its Glassons brand.

Our Businesses

Glassons is New Zealand’s most visited women’s fashion store, and has identified an opportunity for growth in the Australian market. Glassons is renowned for its fast fashion, vibrant stores, and winning value.

Hallensteins is New Zealand’s icon menswear store. Recognised for its fashion and value equation, generations of New Zealand’s males have been loyal customers. Stores are located in most metropolitan areas throughout New Zealand.

Storm was established in 2007 to target the fashion conscious customer who is looking for something more than the specialty chains can offer, yet isn’t prepared to pay designer prices. Initial response to the offer has been exceptional, and Storm will grow the number of stores in New Zealand as selected sites become available.



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